Delegate your search to Tracey-Auriema and we will save you
time and money

We are a full service executive recruiter and we tailor our approach to our client’s needs. We offer the following types of search arrangements depending upon the nature and complexity of the search:

bullet Retained Search
The most inclusive search process for more complex, higher level or national type searches. Typically relocation is part of the process and a comprehensive nationwide search is undertaken.

bullet Contingency Search
We offer this type of service when the client has multiple searches and if the search is confined to a local geography.

bullet Modified Retained
In some instances the nature and level of the search assignment falls between the more standard retained & contingency arrangements and we strive to offer a middle ground.

Our mission is to be flexible and offer to the client a wide array of services to meet their needs on a timely basis.

A typical search will include the following steps at a minimum:

First we listen to you. We learn your needs and gain an understanding of your vision of a successful candidate and the style needed to compliment your business culture. This is vital because it defines the nature, level and direction of our search process.

We then employ a full range of techniques to identify candidates. The typical search will involve the following steps:

Real time original research. We identify all potential industry sources and make direct contacts on your behalf—well beyond anything possible via a computerized database. These contacts include key individuals who have proven their value in the past.

Direct contact with a pre-determined competitor, if and when you request it.

Personal contact with those individuals identified by our search to determine their potential for your position.

Consultation with other executive search firms as needed to tap third-party databases.

Getting beyond the resume. We conduct in-depth interviews with the potential candidates to determine their match with your requirements.

Presentation of candidates, along with our recommendations for your selection of the best person for your job.

Contact assistance. We assist in setting up personal and phone interviews between you and the perspective candidate.

Negotiation support. We assist in negotiations between you and the candidate in such areas as compensation, relocation options, etc.

Background check. We check credentials, references, employment history and educational background as requested, and provide detailed reports.

Closing the deal. We’re not through until the deal is closed and you have the best candidate for the job. With initial input from you, we will handle your executive search on a turnkey basis.

Delegate your search to Tracey-Auriema and we will save you time and money.

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