bullet  Synopsis of the Industry:
In 1879 Edison created his now famous incandescent light bulb, which burned for 40 hours.
He continued work to refine his light bulb. He also began exploring ideas for an equally
important invention: a way to generate and transmit the electricity his light bulb would need.

Today, America enjoys some of the most reliable and affordable electricity in the world. The aggregate market for electric power and its financial derivatives can be estimated at roughly a half trillion dollars.

Since electricity is an important part of our daily lives and vital for the growth of enterprise,
the electric power industry plays a major role in increasing our future quality of life and
comfort. As part of its response to the blackouts, energy crises, and environmental
concerns over the past 40 years, the electric power system has become highly dependent
on sophisticated computer and communications systems. Electric power is consumed at
the instant it is produced and the computer and communications systems serve to ensure
that the production and consumption are instantaneously balanced, that the system is
being operated as reliably and efficiently as possible, and that the relevant accounting,
maintenance and business operations are appropriately supported.

bullet  Segments served:

Power Distribution
Load Centers, Switch Boards and Enclosures
Low, Medium and High Voltage Switchgear
Disconnect Switches and Fuses
Circuit Breakers/Protection
Motor Control Centers
Metering Equipment
Low, Medium and High Voltage Transformers
Substation Automation

Alternative Energy
Wind Turbines
Solar Power
Hydro Power
Smart Grid Technology

Engineering Services
Power System Engineering Studies
Short Circuit Analysis
Arc Flash Analysis
Harmonic Studies
Motor Vibration and Control Studies

Control Products
Motor Starters
Motor Control Centers
Relays and Timers
Soft Starters
Drives AC and DC

Critical Power / Power Management
Automatic Transfer Switches
Paralleling Switchgear
TVSS Total Voltage Surge Suppression
Power Monitoring and Control Products
Generators and Flywheel Technology
Precision Air Conditioning Systems

Wiring Products
Structured Cable Assemblies
Category 5 and 6 Connectors
Residential Wiring Devices
Racks, Cabinets & Cable Management Systems
Lighting Devices
Switches Outlets and Wiring Devices

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